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PARAMHANSA SR.SEC.SCHOOL is managed by PARAM HANS EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY (REGD)   having more than three decades of experience in the field of education.

PSSS assures that the education provided in the school is innovative, constantly monitored, reviewed, and of high quality as per International standards. PSSS has proven skills in delivering holistic education to thousands of students. PSSS takes pride in providing the best education to its students through it sir Unique Curriculum. Every Child has a talent and we must elevate that talent to its maximum potential, therefore at PSSS we focus on the overall development of the child and keep exploring new ways to enhance the same.

Ambitious in design and tremendously successful in execution, our inclusion program provides the integration of all students into mainstream education, in accordance with their IQ & EQ while using be practices to enhance learning. 

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

Our objective is to provide equal studying opportunities to all students appearing for competitive examinations and enhance development of our students through quality teaching by being the first to adopt change introduced in the field of Engineering & Medical entrance examinations and mould our teaching methods accordingly.

"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality."

To strengthen the education system at PARAMHANSA SR.SEC. SCHOOL by way of a creative and innovative atmosphere nurtured by the self-exploration to enquire, to experiment, and to find the truth in the best spirit of comradeship and indomitable will. The fuel of this would be a well-qualified and competent staff, pupils who nurture a wide range of activities and interests with a spirit of excitement, a holistic blend of cultural, literary, and extracurricular activities combined with a vast array of games and sports activities to ignite the individual spark that is so unique to each one of us

Sh. Hukam Chand Narwat (Director)
From The Director Desk

From this session 2023 " PARAMHANSA SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL Kheri Kalan, we are committed to providing you with the best teaching method to get better results. The quality of lectures, the study material, the test series, or the guidance and information, Academy & believes that "How to think not what to think. and make the learning method like icing on the cake.".We will continue to define the future of quality education." 

Our main focus is to provide better education to improve the Soft skill among the students, like creativity skills, developing self-confidence, and Change of students' attitudes toward their future life. The aim is to search the different skill qualities in different fields.